Creating the most innovative virtual reality content

CAMVR is operated by a team of award-winning filmmakers with unique specialized skills and a passion to develop a new cinematic language for VR filmmaking.

CAMVR will combine it’s cinematic and technological expertise with our passion for telling engaging and unforgettable stories to create compelling content in the burgeoning field of Virtual Reality. We are breaking new ground in VR, creating transformative experiences driven by the passion to experience the world. 

We are creating the most innovative Virtual Reality content in all modes of media including live action film, documentary, live streaming, commercials, augmented reality experiences and virtual tours. 

CAMVR has made a cinematic VR film 'COUNTER' as a Google Jump VR Creator. 

COUNTER is the story of a young boxer struggling against the specter of a much larger opponent.

Using RAGING BULL as our touchstone, COUNTER will be a highly stylized, subjective, and surreal look into the mind of a boxer preparing for a big match and the psychology of fear in the ring.

Using the Jump platform and the Odyssey camera, we will place the audience inside the ring with our hero while he faces off against an opponent that gets larger and more powerful as our hero grows more afraid. We will explore the use of space within the ring as our hero attempts to escape his opponent and then eventually stands up and goes toe to toe in the center.

Point of View – a mix of the 3rd person perspective and 1st person perspective.

We are going to shoot a majority of the shots using the Odyssey camera for the 3rd person perspective and will utilize a helmet camera featuring the Mobius2.0 for the 1st person perspective, which we believe is necessary to create a truly immersive experience in VR. 


Anyone who has ever fantasized about a physical confrontation, but has never actually been involved in one will desire to put on the HMD and step into the ring themselves in Counter.

Episode1. Weeping Shadow

Right now we are preparing for two VR film projects. One is a live action series based on the film “Room 731” that has received over 20 awards from prestigious film festivals around the world and screened everywhere from Cannes to New York. It is a mystery and horror based on historical fact in World War II.  The unique tone of this subject is perfectly suited for a VR film.

The second project in currently in development is a VR documentary about Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. This Skid Row VR documentary will redefine immersion journalism. Project Skid Row is a full-body experience that places viewers at the scene of a homeless community allowing them to explore a nature of living in poverty. We will share best practices and strategies for producing virtual reality-augmented journalism once we’ve finished.


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